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BBQ For Building 2013

bbq for website
The BBQ For Building benefiting Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham occured on April 27, 2013 and boy did Doozer's 'Wicked Q' team have fun! There was a band that kept the crowds entertained while they sampled some fantastic BBQ from all over the Birmingham area. It was a great turnout for the BBQ event and it seemed as though our tent was a hit! We had some amazing and different dishes! Everything from Ron's famous BBQ ribs to chicken tacos with asian slaw to brunswick stew. At the end of the day, Doozer's 'Wicked Q' team placed 3rd in People's Choice. Must have been a close call because we seemed to have crowds at our tent constantly! :)

We were very happy to be apart of this awesome event and I think we proved that Doozer not only does software, but a little BBQ too! :) Take a look at all the fun we had on the Doozer Facebook page!