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3D Printers

Imagine a world where you can print not only documents, but actual physical prototypes. If you can draw something or design it, it can be PRINTED in a matter of hours. Sounds cool, right? Well that world is upon us now and if you're in the Birmingham area, UAB is hosting a public presentation on 3D printing on October 14th at noon in Campbell Hall.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is able to produce physical objects in various materials like metal or plastic and even living cells and foodstuffs and builds them one layer at a time. 3D printers are typically used for prototyping in architecture, engineering, and even in the dental and medical industries. 

Makerbot, an creative and innovative manufacturer of 3D printers market their lowest model printer at $1400, with their higher end models ranging between $2200 and $2800.

Check out this demo created by the UAB CIS department and check out their website for more information about the public seminar.