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Ignite Birmingham 9

Ignite BirminghamIf you had 20 slides and five minutes to present, what would you talk about? This question can be answered at Ignite Birmingham on October 17th at 5:30 PM. This free event will be held at UAB's Lister Hill Library in downtown Birmingham. 
Never heard of Ignite Birmingham? Ignite Birmingham is described as an information exchange for our city's very diverse community. The idea is to talk about something that you're passionate about for five minutes on 20 different slides. This means that you have 15 seconds to talk about each slide before moving on to the next one. Sounds interesting doesn't it? I guess you'll have to see for yourself!

Check out the Ignite Birmingham on October 17th at 5:30! You can reserve your seat at the Ignite Birmingham Eventbrite page