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Don't Wait 4 It


Everyone experiences waiting in that unbelievably long line at the DMV at least once a year. It seems that no matter how early you want to get there, you still wait 2+ hours to get your tag or license renewed. What if there was a service that someone could provide to the people of Jefferson County to hold their spot in line until they arrived at the DMV at 7:45am? This would reduce your typical 2+ hour wait, to a measly 30 minute wait.

Believe it or not, this service does in fact exist. Don't Wait 4 It proclaims themselves to be a professional line standing service that serves the downtown Birmingham, AL area. For $39, you can book your spot in line for whatever day you plan to go to the DMV by visiting their website.  
Next time you are dreading that trip to the DMV, give yourself a stress free morning and book with Don't Want 4 It!