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Google Offering More Mobile App Back End Development


Earlier this month, Google announced the offering of two updated frameworks to run necessary back-end infrastructure of mobile applications. What does this mean exactly? It means more freedom for developers to concentrate on the more innovative parts of their work. 

Google released the collection of tools, libraries, and capabilities for running the infrastructure for both Android and iOS mobile applications, calling it Google Cloud Endpoints. Endpoints is said to provide a simple way to develop a shared web backend while providing critical infrastructures, such as OAuth authentication, eliminating a great deal of work that would normally be necessary. The API (application programming interfaces) back-end uses an App Engine application, providing the mobile developer with services and features such as Google Cloud Storage and mail. By using App Engine, developers are free from tasks such as system admin work and server maintenance.

To find out about more about Google Cloud Endpoints, check out the Google Developer page or InfoWorld.