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IBM's Global Cloud Computing


In 2013, cloud computing really took off and this year IBM plans to invest $1.2 billion to expand its global cloud infrastructure. The company will add 15 data centers worldwide, giving IBM a total of 40 around the globe data centers dedicated to cloud services. IBM SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby says that they “want the world to understand that cloud is transformational for IBM”.

Last August, IBM purchased cloud computing infrastructure provider, SoftLayer. IBM now plans to combine the existing SoftLayer data centers, and the data centers it ran before the purchase of SoftLayer into a single operation that will provide both public and private cloud services to customers, as well as services for their own internal operation. Since 2007, IBM has spent a little over $7 billion in acquiring more than 15 cloud computing software companies.

More details about the company's cloud plans are to surface at its Pulse conference next month in Las Vegas. It seems that IBM is the one to watch when it comes to cloud computing for 2014.