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Custom CMS integration can provide a seamless extension of your internal or external web sites.

This custom Joomla component was designed to integrate with a backend applicant tracking and CRM solution, which is a 3rd party product. An MVC design pattern drives this solution.

The component, written in PHP, directly interfaces with web services on the backend. Job postings and job seeker profiles are directly managed via the backend system. Seamless integration with content management systems is an effective way to add functionality to your online presence.


Every organization has information that needs to be moved from one location to another these days. There are a number of ways to get the job done.

Informatica is a flexible tool that allows its users to see how data is moving between various data repositories, whether it's in files, services or database tables on numerous platforms. We help get things flowing while allowing the power of the tool to do what it does well. Using its metadata capabilities you have the comfort and ability to make changes in the sources and targets knowing what you will be affecting.