Services designed to fit your needs, mitigate your risk and deliver results.

Company Overview


About Doozer Software

Doozer Software is a custom software development company founded in 1997, that has proudly called Birmingham home for 20 years. If you are considering working with us on a project, we’d like to tell you a little bit more about who we are and how we work.

Software development is complicated and risky. Failure is expensive both in hard dollars and lost opportunity. The cost of success is cheap, when compared to failure. Truly capitalizing on opportunities requires a clear vision of what you're trying to accomplish and careful execution that focuses on producing the wins sought.

Enterprise business strategies are demanding solutions that differentiate their businesses in ways that truly matter. It's no longer good enough to focus primarily on cost reductions and doing more with less. Enterprises want growth - they want to generate new business, produce more revenue, and retain customers. Our services are designed to help you accomplish these things, whether internally or externally, by providing experts that can get the job done. Whether you want to outsource your work, augment internal efforts, or whether you need mentoring for your team, we've got the answer.

Our service lines are designed to fit your needs, mitigate the risk of software development, and ensure success. Each offering is designed to help customers with varied needs achieve success. Here are a few ways we can help.

Project Services

We use our own resources to provide a complete lifecycle of services or whatever portions the client needs. Project services fill the need for customers that need to outsource the development of a given project. We tend to start from scratch as opposed to customizing off-the-shelf products, unless that’s exactly what is needed. When appropriate, we use our own, proven development framework that accelerates delivery and aids in quickly producing complex, robust and reliable solutions.

IT Staffing

We provide highly qualified, experienced IT contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement resources to our clients that are handling projects in house but need additional temporary or long-term skill sets to fill gaps.

Project HQ

We host software development teams in our environment, which is designed for software production. With Project HQ, clients’ employees come to Doozer Software to collaborate on a project. We host the development team in our offices and surround them with the tools they need to be successful. This has several advantages:

  • reduction in development expense outlay since the client uses their own resources;
  • heightened focus on the project by eliminating day-to-day distractions;
  • mentoring by seasoned project managers and architects from our team;
  • software development infrastructure that allows a quick startup;
  • skill augmentation by our resources when needed;
  • accelerated project timeline;
  • knowledgeable in-house client staff to carry things forward upon delivery.