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Everything is headed to the Cloud


It seems like everyone is talking about The Cloud.  It may take a while, but once you consider the power and features of a cloud enabled solution, it's pretty compelling. Leading edge? You bet. When will you jump on board?

You've no doubt heard it. That buzzing.  It's about Cloud Services.

There's lots of confusion here, no doubt.  Many have yet to even wake up to what it's truly about.  However, once you really look at it, it seems quite likely that more and more software is headed for the Cloud.

It may take a few years, but due to its significant characteristics of performance, cost, speed-to-results, availability and reliability, it seems inevitable that we'll all conclude, at some point, that putting our software investments into the Cloud makes sense.

It's not as clear how this will go, technically speaking.  At Doozer Software, we've invested in cloud enabling software development technologies.  Take the Google Web Toolkit, for example.  We're seeing dramatic increases in the richness and responsiveness of the user Experience, in addition to the added capability to rapidly be in the cloud with our end products founded on this technology.  It really delivers a win-win.

We're pushing forward on this front and right now I couldn't be happier with the results we're seeing.  Shout out to us on how you see this.  What types of technologies do you see emerging as valuable to your organization?

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