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Sandy Syx

Quick chronological bio: Panther, Gopher, Blazer, Husband, Father, Doozer.

Recent Posts

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    leapsecondTime. It's one of a very few of our unwavering dimensions of the existential Experience. "What time is it?" Such a simple question to ask. Such a simple concept to grasp. It moves in one direction, steadily progressing. While not everyone is aware...
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    dig univ 2010 2020Can you define Big Data for me?  I wouldn't be surprised to have a number of very competent information technology professionals give me varied answers to that question.  I'd like to clear this up, if at all possible. In the...
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    guitarwireWireframes can save your project time and money.  Jump on board and get constructive functional feedback sooner rather than later.Nothing lights up a person looking for a new application solution like showing them the actual screens that...
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    wave of opportunity or dangerThere is a change coming for traditional enterprise service architecture and deployment environments.  Some continue to believe that cloud computing is mosty hype and means little more than providing software via the Internet by hosting...
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    A business with ideas has energy and potential.  It can breed a culture of excitement, fun, and a sense that something big could happen that could change everything.  At the other end of the spectrum, there's the comfort and stability of...
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Ron Perkins

Born in the US, but raised as a child of the US military I've been to some interesting places and learned a bit in other cultures as a kid.

Recent Posts

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    sked"The project schedule isn’t right anyway."How many times have you heard that? The reality of the statement’s implications is far reaching and has really shaped my feelings toward what a project schedule is and how it should be used...
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