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Doozer in Our Community

BBQ for Building

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WOW! Smokin' hot is just what it was at the 2nd annual BBQ For Building contest benefiting Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham .

I don't know what it actually got up to in that parking lot, but it felt like 130. But, not even the heat wilted the Doozers! We all had a great time supporting a great cause and got some hardware to boot. Doozer's team "Wicked Q" took home first place in ribs and won the People's Choice award. We were so surprised and happy, because let me tell you if you didn't get a chance to come out and sample the food there were some awesome cooks out there and tons of fabulous food.

It all started on Friday with tons of preparation. We finally got tired enough to crash at 2 AM the night before. (Yeah, we were stressing out about forgetting something.) Two hours later when our alarm clocks went off Saturday at 4 AM it seemed as if only 5 minutes had passed, but we were up on our feet quickly to do the last minute packing up and then we were on the road so we could check in at 5:30 AM!! Can you believe there are actually people awake at that hour? Oh, and they are quite alert and functional, who'd a thought?

Once we got there and did our quick check-in and inspection by the judges, we where off to the races. About 9 AM things settled down a bit and we got to visit with some of the other teams and enjoy some camaraderie of other people as crazy as ourselves who love to cook. If you ever thought about entering a BBQ contest, this is a great one to start with. The fact that it's for Habitat is just icing on the cake. The Habitat event staff was gracious and helpful. They all worked really hard to make sure we had what we needed and made sure things ran well, so we'd like thank all of the Habitat volunteers who made the event possible. A special shout out to Tony Ankar for doing his best to make sure we kept power and making sure everything went smoothly. Nobody likes it when your serving crock pot can't keep food at a safe holding temp for some reason.

Well, enough rambling, I need a nap. If you'd like to hear more about the event just give Heath, Jared, or myself a shout and maybe we'll see you there next year!