Services designed to fit your needs, mitigate your risk and deliver results.

Benefits of Project HQ

Risk Mitigation

Project teams face many challenges: new technologies, complex business requirements, challenging integration requirements and limited capacity. These challenges often come with directives to maintain support for existing operations and parallel testing. This adds up to risk, and lots of it. We designed our services to mitigate your company’s risks in a number of ways. The foundation of our business philosophy arises from knowing our customers’ business and making recommendations, using our market tested experience, from your perspective.


We provide your team with a fully supported environment outside the distractions of their daily responsibilities. Not only does this allow them to focus on the development project, it provides them with an opportunity to explore new technologies and techniques in a sponsored setting. Your team focuses on the project, we focus on your team.

Post-implementation Service

Your team is primarily responsible for the software construction, and therefore, they are implicitly trained on it. Once the project is complete, your team returns for the implementation and rollout. Since they built it, they know it. The same team is able to continue providing the maintenance, support, and ongoing enhancements to the new application as your business needs dictate. This means cost savings for you down the road. This means speed and agility to meet future needs cost effectively.

Cost Savings

Your company gets the benefits of a state of the art custom software shop staffed with your own personnel. You fully leverage your investment in internal developers. The cost of your project is significantly lowered, your timeline to implementation is significantly shortened and your risk of software development failure is significantly reduced because your team is mentored by Delivery Directors that are experienced at keeping projects on track. Your risk is also mitigated because Doozer Software can fill gaps quickly, providing any missing skills to the team or breaking down barriers that arise along the way.

Satisfaction of Success

Success can be measured from many viewpoints. Your internal team gets the opportunity to work on a high profile project and a real chance to do what they really want, which is to be successful and deliver results. Your stakeholders are pleased with their delivery. And your budget team is satisfied that the project was cost effective. That's Project HQ.