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About Your Assessment

Doozer’s Database Assessment is a one-day evaluation offered by Doozer to review an organizations’ current database environment to take advantage of today’s Big Data and Analytics, driving deeper insights and value from client data assets.Your free database assessment will help us understand areas of opportunities within your business to be more efficient and more effective. Our team will develop a game plan tailored around your goals and budget.

Information architecture: Review current Metadata structures, data mapping

  • Data quality, Metadata, Data Structures, Data Mapping

Revitalize and existing Data Warehouse

  • Ensure ongoing data quality, enhancement and evolution with changing business needs
  • Offer an approach for constant management of a sound technical infrastructure to deliver continuous business information

Database MonitoringTechnical Architecture: Assess HW/SW, Network infrastructure, database design

  • Review current hardware/software, network, infrastructure and database design

Move from “first” to “second” generation warehousing

  • Provide migration alternatives from loosely structured data pooling to a structure with high levels of data integration, data accessibility and rapid information delivery

Doozer is great to work with… 

Doozer’s DBA’s were great to work with.  Rather than simply completing the tasks, they took the time to explain to my team best practices and took the train the trainer approach.  Their knowledge, expertise and commitment to the success of our project is why I’ll use them again and again.

Shane Hill, Director of Information Technology